1. Do you offer free quotes?
    Yes! We offer free quotes. See our Quote page to contact us.
  2. Does your company offer financing?
    No, we do not offer financing.
  3. Do I need to have a permit to have a pole barn constructed on my property?
    The requirements and restrictions are different in each area. The customer will be responsible for all building permits and costs. We will work with you and your local building inspector to insure compliance with building regulation.
  4. Do I need to have a level building site?
    All site preparation must be completed before we arrive to construct your building. We prefer the site to be within 5 inches to grade. An excavation contractor is recommended for this process. "Looking with the eye" to determine grade is not recommended. Additional cost may incur to the customer if construction is forced to stop while the building pad is corrected or if they are forced to wait for additional materials.
  5. What warranties are available to me?
    Our metal has Manufacture Limited Lifetime Paint warranty with over 20 colors available. We are fully insured with workman's compensation and liability insurance for your protection. We offer a free, one year warranty on our materials and workmanship in addition to the specified warranties offered by manufacturers.
  6. What are the standard materials used your buildings?
    The following materials are standard in our buildings but can be changed to accommodate your building needs: 6 x 6 treated posts, 2 x 8 treated bottom plate, 2 x 6 girts, 2 x 4 purlins, inside and outside top supports, factory built - engineer stamped trusses, and factory built entrance door.​ See the Materials page for custom options such as overhangs, wainscot, garage doors, cupolas etc.
  7. What types of insulation do you offer?
    We offer a double bubble wrap which also acts as a vapor barrier. This will help with condensation that occurs when metal has varying temperatures on either side of the panel. We also offer a 2" fiberglass insulation.
  8. Can you provide a concrete slab for my building?
    We do offer concrete services. Customer must provide rock for the base of the slab. Our representative will help determine how many loads are needed for your project. We prefer #57 rock.
  1. What happens if the builders hit rock while digging the holes?
    The builder will determine what type of equipment will be needed should difficulty happen digging the holes. If the auger cannot provide acceptable post hole depth, then the customer will be responsible for providing any equipment necessary.
  2. What is the difference between 29 gauge and 26 gauge metal?
    The 29 gauge metal panel is most commonly used and is efficient for most applications. The 26 gauge metal is thicker and is an additional cost.
  3. Should I ventilate my building?
    Options for ventilation include ridge vents, cupolas, vented soffit, gable vents, etc. These products offer ventilation and can be used in coordinate with each other. Depending on your intended use please discuss this with our representative.
  4. Will my metal building have condensation?
    Condensation occurs from humidity in the air. When warm, moist air inside the building comes in contact with the cold surface, it accumulates condensation on the metal. Insulating your building will help and also ensure proper ventilation.
  5. Can you install an overhead door in my building?
    Yes, we offer overhead door installation. The wall height of the building will determine the height and size of the door that can be installed.
  6. Do I need to have electricity at the job site?
    We prefer that electricity is provided within 100' of the building pad. We understand not all sites have electricity available. Please let our representative know this information so our building crew are prepared with generators.
  7. Will I need to pay any additional taxes for my building? Do I need to send a deposit when I order a building?
    The price quoted includes all taxes. Yes, a portion of the total contracted amount is required when you sign the contract. This provides us with confidence needed to invest time and money in ordering and assembling the materials for your project.
  8. Upon signing a contract, how long does it take before construction begins?
    Start time between signing the contract and beginning of construction vary. The weather, time of year, permits required all play a factor in the start date. The complexity and type of materials required to construct your building may also effect lead time. We typically fulfill contracts in the order received.