Walt's Buildings, Inc. has constructed many buildings in the Tennessee area since 1997. 
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Residential pole buildings are versatile and can be used for many functions. A post-frame building can be used for a garage, a workshop, hobby room, etc.  The options are endless. 

Building options and sizes are custom designed to fit your project!  Check out our Options page to view various options to customize your building.  

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An affordable option to your farming needs is an agricultural post frame building.  Our buildings serve multiple purposes such a equipment storage, housing for animals, dry space for hay/grain, maintenace shop or any other opertion needs. 

Various option such as lean to's, slider doors, cupola's, skylights, horse stalls, dutch doors etc. Let us know your ideas and we can help guide you a building perfect for your needs. 

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​​  Commercial pole barns are a great choice for your business. Our pole barns are versatile and they can be used for  various types of commercial facilities. Our buildings can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business or organization.

You want your business to look and feel professional and our professionals can help guide you with a wide range of available options to create a unique space. 

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Feed pack barns provide a simple way to house livestock in a comfortable enviornment.  The operation principles of compost bedded pack barns are grounded in the concept of composting where feedstock is actively managed to provide the right environment of air and moisture to create the breadown of the matter.  Good ventilation is nesseccary to maintain a dry bedded pack surface.  Installing fans over the bedded pack area will increase surface drying. During hot, humid weather the fans will provide a cooling draft over the livestock. Compost bedded pack barns are a low cost alternative to freestall barns.  

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